38th International Electronics Manufacturing Technology (IEMT) Conference 2018

Venue: Ramada Plaza Melaka, Malaysia

The International Electronics Manufacturing Technology (IEMT) Conference is the premier IEEE event devoted to the manufacture of electronic, opto-electronic and MEMS/sensors devices and systems. IEMT is an established International conference of long standing organized by the Electronics Packaging Society (EPS) Society of IEEE. The 38th International Electronics Manufacturing Technology (IEMT) Conference 2018 is organised by the IEEE EPS Malaysia Chapter with co-sponsorship from IEEE Santa Clara Valley Chapter.

KEY Dates for Upcoming IEMT Conference 2018

1. Abstract Submission Closed : 01st March 2018 and Extended to 15th March 2018
2. Notification of abstract acceptance : 15th April 2018
3. Deadline for full paper submission : 15th June 2018
4. IEMT 2018 Conference : 04th-06th September 2018

Our Speakers

who will speak

Science University (USM), Malaysia

Failure Analysis of Engineering Materials for Application in Internet of Things
This training provides the understanding of fundamental concepts of surface, interface, thin-film and solid-states as background to effectively provide precise prediction on the root-cause of failure. A Generalization Approach is introduced to simplify and link these factors to explain typical failures such as corrosion, delamination, surface contamination, etc. Characterization methods are also introduced together with strategies on how to overcome these failures.

Ning-Cheng LEE
Indium Corporation, USA

Electromigration – The Hurdle For Miniaturization and High Power Devices
This course covers all critical aspects of electromigration of solder joints, including failure mechanism, effect of solder alloy composition, solder joint metallurgy and configuration, pad design, pad composition, current density, temperature, and current polarity. Electromigration behavior within redistribution layer is also reviewed and discussed. Recommendation will be provided on how to achieve long life under high current-stressed conditions for solder joints and redistribution layer through optimized designs.

Theuss HORST
Infineon Technologies AG, Germany

PDC – Packaging for MEMS and Sensors
This course provides an overview on assembly & interconnect technologies for MEMS and sensors. Case studies cover pressure, magnetics, gyro sensors and silicon microphones – addressing both consumer and automotive applications. How can standard packaging platforms be extended to MEMS/sensors? will be addressed. . The course will further discuss toolbox elements necessary for heterogeneous integration of MEMS/sensors (SoC, SiP) and the importance of testing & process adaptation to specific needs of MEMS/sensors.

Srinivasa YEDURU
Infineon Technologies Kulim, Malaysia

Chip to Package Interactions: Trends, Developments and Integration Challenges
This course starts with general trends in semiconductor devices followed by an overview of various device technologies, their application backgrounds and potential failures and reliability challenges. Chip to package interactions will be explained by highlighting critical interfaces, material combinations and failures that arise due to various interfacial interactions. Special case studies will be discussed addressing different failure mechanisms in device technology to package combinations.

NXP Semiconductors, The Netherlands

Cu Wire Bonding for Automotive Grade Semiconductor Products Packaging
This course covers the fundamentals of metal joining and failure mechanisms that make Cu wire-bonding a challenge in the semiconductor packaging industry, as well as best practices and breakthroughs that mitigate these challenges and enable Cu wire bonded products to meet Automotive grade quality requirements and expectations.

Nelson WONG
Kulicke & Soffa Private Limited, Malaysia

WB Advancement: Smart Equipment for Smart Manufacturing
This course covers a wide range of knowledge in advanced wire-bonding equipment and smart manufacturing to support Industry 4.0. The knowledge learnt through this course can be immediately applied to your work, study and business processes. The course discusses the evolution of wire-bonding, current wire-bonding capabilities and WB development to cater to smart manufacturing.

LF Training, Malaysia

Breakthrough in Semiconductor Packaging Problem Solving Through Quality Function and Statistical Methodologies
This course covers a wide range of the advance quality planning & statistical tools for semiconductor packaging problem solving. You will understand the 4 phase quality function & discover the benefits of various statistical tools at each phase. The knowledge learnt through this course can be immediately applied to your work, study and business processes.

William Chen

Heterogeneous Integration through SiP from Design to Manufacturing

Qin Deng
IBM Electronics Industry

The AI Driven Manufacturing Transformation is Imminent

Alexander Müller
Infineon Technologies

Packaging for Automotive – Challenges and Solutions

Yole Development

Automotive Industry Transformation: EV/HEV impact on Power Modules, Design Changes and Packaging Innovations!

Gaurang Choksi
Intel Corporation

Enabling Heterogeneous Packaging: A Perspective on Challenges & Opportunities

Qian Wang
Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University

Growth of China’s Semiconductor Advanced Packaging – A Win-Win in a World-Wide Context

Dr. NorAzmi Alias
Collaborative Research in Engineering Science & Technology (CREST) Center

Opportunities and Challenges for Semiconductor and Optoelectronic Packages in the Emerging Markets of 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)

Prof. Dr. Azman Jalar

Stereometry and Quantitative Metallography On Intermetallic Compounds Layer of Metallurgical Interconnection In Semiconductor Packaging

Mohd Nasir TAMIN

Damage Mechanics-based Approach to Quantify the Failure Processes in Through-Silicon Vias


Nature Organic Thin Film as a Renewable Material for Artificial Synapse in Neuromorphic Computing for Application in Internet-of-Things

Professor Dr. Ghazali Omar

A CNT-filled Polymer Composites for Enhanced Electrical Performance in Electronic Components for Surface Mount Technology

Kyung W. Paik

Recent Advances of the Conductive Adhesive Films Materials for Advanced Electronics Packaging Applications

Hsiang-Chen Hsu
St. John’s University

Thermal Design and Real Time Temperature Measurement on Heterogeneous Packaging during Ultrafast Laser Machining

Shi-Wei Ricky Lee
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Micro-bumping and Re-distribution by Additive Manufacturing for Chip Level Packaging

Sung Yi
Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department, Portland State University, Portland, OR, USA

Chemo-thermo-viscoelasticity of Thermosetting Polymers for Ultrasonic Curing

Rick Nichols

Improving Reliability by Forming a 3D Connection for Quad Flat No-lead ICs Using Immersion Tin

Laurent Herard

Packaging – A Key Enabler Towards Robust Miniaturization For Smart Driving

Mike Seddon
ON Semiconductor

Understanding Key Components for Today’s Advanced Packages

Wang Hui Teng
Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific, Singapore

Study of Critical Load Force towards Thin Plating on Pre-Plated Leadframe

Dr. Haley Fu
iNEMI (International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative)

Flowers of Sulfur Test For Creep Corrosion And More

Jianghai Gu
Cisco Systems, Inc.

System Level Mechanical Shock Reliability of BGA Packages: Experimental and Numerical Analysis

Feng Xue

Benchmarking on New Packaging Technology Qualification Methodology and Practices

Dr. Loh Wei Keat
Intel Technology Sdn. Bhd.

A Review of Electronic Packaging Dynamic Warpage Prediction Capabilities using Simulation Tools

Ayman Fayed
Intel Corporation

Characterize and quantify Production Inspection Capability of Automatic X-ray Inspection (AXI) for Head in Pillow (HiP) Defects

Dr. Kuah Teng Hock, Eric
ASM Technology Singapore

Challenges of Silver Sintering and Some of Its Possible Solutions

Linda M. Bal
TechSearch International, Inc

ADAS Packaging Challenges Before the Dawn of Autonomous Driving

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